Thank you kindly for visiting my page.

I originally created this blog to help improve my writing skills and to procure inspiration and motivation to pursue my goals.

Since this is a new hobby for me, you will see this page go through some trial/error phases as I finetune the direction of the site.

Some topics I hope to include:
Self Exploration – What I am doing with my life. Whether through travels, adventures, new things that I’m testing. I’m not sure what this is but I’m throwing it out there.
Diet/Recipes – I have been a Sous Chef for the past 5 or so years and have been working in the restaurant business almost my entire life. I have been battling stomach issues and have been trying different diets and remedies to help remedy them. I recently have become vegetarian and have experimented with eating dairy-free, sugar-free, and grain-free. For my sangha, I was the cook for the meditation retreats which involved a lot of creative cooking scenarios and minimizing waste. I also enjoy experimenting at home, trying new recipes and using up whatever is available at home. Expect to find recipes, experiments, zero waste tips, and more.
Nature – This is quite the general statement, but I love nature and everything about it. I love camping, hiking, exploring, adventure, animals, mushrooms, plants, stones, pretty much anything that isn’t urban. Expect to find my travels, photographs, and tips for becoming green.
Movies/T.V./Music/Books I have become a couch potato and I HATE IT. I plan to cancel my streaming services to help reduce how much I vegetate, but I have a passion for media and expect to find reviews of my favorite works here.
Found Online This will just be interesting finds from the internet, nothing special.
History of… I find the history of words, buildings, towns, slang, etc. to be interesting. Everything has its own history and here you will find some interesting facts about everyday items.
Bizarre Life Here I will feature interesting animal species, plants, cultures or anything that can be classified as being bizarre.
Products I love This will consist of mainly zero waste items that I have discovered. I recently became obsessed with this lifestyle and I think it is vital for the survival of our planet and all that live upon it.
Hope you enjoy! ❤