Self Improvement

Goal Poster

Journaling exercises, brainstorming, goals, meditation, yoga, exercise, drawing exercises. Anything that involves the organization of oneself, both physically and mentally.

Maguivering (Getting Crafty)

Link Bday Card

Anything that I create.  Crafts that involve cutting, ripping, sewing, designing, building, hammering, painting, drawing, widdling.  Usually hand-crafted with anything available for immediate use.

Anything Budgies!

Bird Trio

My precioussssssss smeagol

Photo Credit: The Hobbit Gollum Quotes

My little birds doing cute things, such as bathing, eating, flying (or trying to fly with discouragement), singing, and more!

Zero Waste/Sustainable Living

Wool Balls

I’ve recently discovered a very inspiring speaker who happened to coin the term “Zero Waste Lifestyle”, named Bae Johnson.  This opened up Pandora’s Box, leading me to discover life-changing habits to reduce my carbon footprint.

Subjects include gardening, lifestyle changes, sustainable products, eating out, battles with my boyfriend, struggles, etc.

Sustainable living is very important to me.



This category can range from recipes, food ideas, veganism, exercise, yoga, meditation, zero waste, cool ideas from media sources, other lifestyle practices/philosophies, recreation such as hiking, swimming, biking, etc., and many other things that may be my life.