Bath Time!

These are my Budgies: Ash, Desi, and Kazu!

Meet Ash:

Here is Ash playing in her bathtub.  This little, dusty looking bird with hints of blue came home about six months ago.  She is sweet, submissive but can stand her ground when she needs to, inquisitive, rambunctious, expressive and so much more!

She bonded with me right away, but in general, she is just a very relaxed and loving animal.  Just like any other young Budgie, Ash found her love for food (mainly seed but she gobbles up her pellets) and will do anything for a treat.

This is great for training because I can use a reward system to teach her, and after a while practicing “step up” she will give me this confused, angry look and probably thinks “This is annoying mom…..”

She’s still so young, exploring and learning so much that its difficult for her to concentrate, but we will get there eventually!

Meet Desi & Kazu:

Kazu and Desi are nearly inseparable, sometimes to Kazu’s dismay… Kazu is the extrovert in the relationship and sits highest on the perch, while Desi copies and smothers Kazu whenever possible.  Watching the two is pretty comical, like a Three Stooges act.  Kazu is preening her feathers and Desi rushes to her, hitting his beak against hers, repeatedly.

If I had to choose who was the wisest of the bunch, I would give the title to Kazu.

Kazu is the most inquisitive, loves climbing, and has adventure coursing through her veins. Her problem solving isn’t the only reason she holds wisdom, and you can tell when she interacts with Ash.

For example, Kazu will watch Ash, show changes in her facial expressions, dilate her pupils, or even lightly chatter.  It amazes me how the eyes can express such an array of emotions.

Having birds as a pet is a primary reason I FINALLY committed to a vegetarian diet.  There are many other reasons why, but eating chicken in front of them felt wrong and envisioning my birds as my meal was also unsettling.  

Back to happy thoughts:  

Desi!  So much can be said about Desi and honestly, where do I begin?  desi is a little crazy, I say this because one moment he will be calm, cool and collected, then seconds later completely lose his s#it.  He is also very anxious and used to have night frights.

No doubt he was traumatized from Petland.  By the way, I will NEVER bring home an animal from ANY pet store.  I will focus only on local breeders and adoption organizations.  Kazu and Desi both came from Petland, Kazu first and then two weeks later Desi came home.  It was a whole ordeal, but we will discuss later since this is Desi’s time!

Desi is the singer of the group.  You will often hear him cooing softly to one of Mark’s records, spinning on the turntable or belting out his longs just out of sheer enjoyment.  Even though Desi has his moments of stress, he still is very loving, especially for the love of Kazu.  Desi follows Kazu everywhere, at her trusted side to make sure she is taken care of.  It’s so romantic.. Swoons