Lichen that Camera

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and still paying the sucker off — 17/23 payments. Whenever I select a new smartphone I tend to select one that has a decent camera. When I say decent camera, whatever the top reviews are from both verified sources and customer based.

My favorite phone was the Nokia Lumia 720. It was a devastating day when the screen broke, followed with a visit to a shady fix-it-up stand at the mall. After months of waiting, the “businessmen” returned my broken phone which I exchanged for a $200 return.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is decent and captures some amazing detail with proper lighting.

I enjoy taking photos throughout the day but prefer twilight hours or just before dusk and most often at Busse Woods. Most photos include fungi, moss, flowers, dying trees, skyscapes, any opportunity for wildlife, and anything that is out of ordinary or interests me.

I’ve been exploring the market, researching DSLRs so we’ll see how the future unfolds.


I love hiking. I love the variety of scents blowing in the breeze and the many colors of Earth’s palette — it excites my senses! The scurrying of hidden lifeforms that are invisible to the naked eye, but you know they are there.

The changes of the seasons and how every day you go for a hike, it will not be like the last. New life, old life, no life.

Winter, a time of peace and solace. Hiking in winter is like going back in time, before civilization. A feeling of unity between woman and nature, and what a beautiful feeling to experience. It’s moments like these that are pure bliss and just make me melt inside.

We are near the end of April and we are expecting snow tomorrow. I worry about all the young sprouts struggling for the sun, warm weather and survival. One day the temperature will be 30Ā°F then a day or two later it will be 60Ā°F. One nice thing about this static weather is that it can give interesting photo opportunities.

Here are some photos from recent hiking trips.


The first three photos show clusters of Turkey Tail Fungi commonly found as pale white or brown. These fungi look so whimsical and elegant and can make a hike feel a little bit more like a fairy tale.


Beauty is in all things. You just have to

50% Fungi

Below: Seaweed and remnants of fall rest below the water surface.

Seaweed Stump 2

You have to appreciate what you never look at.


What you find may surprise you.